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Studio Arth (Welsh for Bear) is an independent TV & filming space provider based in South Wales. The story began in 2018 and we’ve already been home to some of the most memorable shows, such Netflix’ Sex Education, BBC Casualty, War of the Worlds and Atlantis.

We know that South Wales has a lot to offer and we provide practical support for all types of film and TV production.

01 — Available

We have one main studio, Cartref – Welsh for ‘Home’, and a workshop, Gwaith, Welsh for ‘Work’. We offer direct access to several auxiliary locations.

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02 — Practical

We’ve built our reputation on our ‘can-do’ attitude and this been pivotal to our ongoing development and success. From finding the right location for your production to sourcing the products you require, we help bring your best ideas to life.

03 — Sustainable

We work in an industry with the power to reach and influence millions of people across the planet, offering us a unique opportunity to do some good. We’re committed to making your production as green as it can be.

Positive Impact Film & TV productions

Evidence has shown that over the last 20 years human activity has intensified climate change and the adverse effects it’s had on our planet. As an organisation, Studio Arth is committed to providing the right environment to facilitate sustainable and positive impact film & TV productions.

We aim to work effectively and creatively with all productions that are filmed at Studio Arth; as well as provide site services for productions across Wales and the South West.

“This transition is neither a story of sacrifice nor of duty. This is simply about building an industry that works more efficiently, creatively and collaboratively” – Albert Production Handbook


A route map to sustainable film production

In line with the Albert A Screen New Deal Report, Studio Arth is following a number of its key principles to pave the way for your sustainable productions by carrying out the following:

  • We have biomass boilers in use at Studio Arth Cartref and Gwaith for heating.
  • Studio Arth is planning to build a new studio adjacent to Cartref. This new studio will be fitted with a water attenuation tank and rainwater harvesting system to provide processed water for use in both studios.
  • We plan to retrofit solar panels onto all our studios in order to power them with clean energy.
SUSTAINABILITY Production Materials
SUSTAINABILITY Production Materials
  • Studio Arth Site Services aims to reuse and recycle as much of the waste materials from production as possible.
  • We developed a long-term waste reduction and recycling strategy which involves working towards a 100% landfill diversion – an approach which has a heavy focus on reducing landfill reliance through maximising waste recycling.
  • We are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint. We’ve already planted over 80 acres of trees in South Wales and are in the process of planting another 37,500 trees across 40 acres of land in the same area.

Sustainable storytelling starts here

We also have a vision for what a sustainable film industry could look like and are working towards a cleaner, greener future. As a sister company to one of Wales’ leading Waste Management companies, waste reduction and recycling is at the heart of what we do, and we work towards 100% landfill diversion. We offset our carbon footprint and have planted over 80 acres of trees in South Wales to date. We’re currently in the process of planting another 37,500 trees across 40 acres of land.

If you’re looking for production space in Wales with an edge, talk to us.

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